About Sharpsburg

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Sharpsburg, Georgia, is a small rural incorporated village located in the east-central portion of Coweta County, which is in the west-central section of the Georgia Piedmont. The town is some six highway miles from the Coweta County boundary with Fayette County along Line Creek to the north and east.


The community of Sharpsburg was originally founded in 1825, but was not incorporated until December 13, 1871. The original city limits were circular with a quarter mile radius extending from the former depot of the Savannah, Griffin, and North Alabama Railroad which is now the Central of Georgia Railroad. This depot no longer stands, as it gradually deteriorated following the demise of the railroad's passenger service. Sharpsburg was named for a Judge Elias Sharp who owned one of the first homes in Sharpsburg and helped incorporate the community.

In similar manner to many communities in agricultural area through the southeastern United States, the development of Sharpsburg has been cyclical in nature. During the early years following incorporation, the town began to experience steady population growth along with agriculturally oriented services. A number of doctors established practices, as did other professional people in order to serve the growing populace. Since cotton farming surrounded Sharpsburg, a number of cotton gins and warehouses were constructed near the railroad. Other services such as blacksmith shops, a drug store, a bank, and other businesses were thriving into the early 1900's. Then, in the 1920's, along with the Great Depression, the importance of cotton and other agricultural crops as the area's primary livelihood began to decline. In similar manner, the continuous increase in agricultural mechanization decreased the demand for labor, and therefore, prompted increasing migration to larger cities for employment. The result was a decrease in population through the 1930's. Then, beginning in 1940, the population began a slow, steady increase which has continued to the present.


Having an average elevation of 900' Mean Sea Level, Sharpsburg is situated on a small, rolling plateau which exists in the southeastern quadrant of Coweta County. Although the terrain is not level, it is not as rugged as much of the surrounding areas which display typical Piedmont characteristics. 

Notable people from Sharpsburg include athletes Janet Dykman and Keith Brooking; actors Allan Kayser, Josh Andrew Koenig and Rusty Stevens; ECHS softball player Kelley Lynch, 2019 Gatorade Player of the Year and congressional district representative Lynn A. Westmoreland.

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